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Ultimate lows - Chassis Notch and Bag kit

This kit will save you loads of time, with our CNC chassis notch kit- which is the easiest one to install on the market, you can notch your chassis with a tidy, proven solution that saves hours of cutting and grinding thick plate.

Part fabricated to ease fitting and alignment, our rear notch kits give you all the space you will need for driveshaft and trailing arm clearance, allowing you to lay frame even with a big wheel and tyre combo.

Obviously this is only suited to the competent welder, this isn’t a bolt on kit- but if you are serious about being low, this is for you.

Our bag brackets work in combination with the notch as it provides the perfect, strong surface to mount the top brackets. The bottom mounts weld to the trailing arms.

Complete with Airlift Dominator bags (or Slam Specialties as an upgrade) these kits will give you superior ride quality, and the ability to lift the van for the inevitable obstacle.

This full kit also includes our shock mount extenders which enable you to run a shock with more travel- again improving the overall ride and use of the vehicle without compromising the lows!

Lowlife Bay Window rear bag and notch kit

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